iPhone 7 Concept is Very Rad, Features Umbrella-Like Mechanism That Opens It Up Into an iPad

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The iPhone 7 has received dozens of concepts over the past year, but none of them as rad as the one below. This render merges the iPhone and iPad together, with an umbrella-like mechanism that opens up into a bigger device.

iPhone 7 widescreen concept 1

Created by Sonitdac, this concept involves a widescreen display and initially the phone has a curved edge screen. There’s a flexible screen in the mix, a button that triggers the expansion mechanism and virtual buttons on the curved screen side. Reason number for Apple NOT to make this device: there are too many parts that could break and too many things that could go wrong.

iPhone 7 widescreen concept 2

I have to admit that the designer probably did a crazy amount of work to put all of those parts together and animate this device. This is the kind of project, that while not adopted by big companies, it would make an excellent crowdfunding product. With so many metal parts rubbing against each other, one’s finger may get caught there and… get cut.

iPhone 7 widescreen concept 3

iPhone 7 widescreen concept 4

iPhone 7 widescreen concept 5

iPhone 7 widescreen concept 6

[via Sonitdac]

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