iPhone 7 Full Screen Concept Envisioned by ConceptsiPhone (Video)

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Recently there’s been a bit of an invasion of iPhone 7 concepts and most of them ditch the Home button or opt for an edge to edge approach. The latter is also adopted by ConceptsiPhone, while also keeping the standard iPhone design. How’s that possible? The video below details that for you.

iPhone 7 full screen concept 1

First, the device features the Home button and the screen with big top and bottom bezel. Then with a potential special 3D Touch action, the touch area expands to the whole facade, offering a new way of interaction. This would only work for certain activities, like photo editing and perhaps even photo taking, although the Home button would get in the way of the image.

iPhone 7 full screen concept 2

Or the Home button can become the shutter button and the problem is solved. Frankly speaking, I’d rather see Apple placing a touch area at the back, than taking this approach. What do you think? Can an edge to edge iPhone be possible?

iPhone 7 full screen concept 3

iPhone 7 full screen concept 4

iPhone 7 full screen concept 5

[via ConceptsiPhone]

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