iPhone 7 Prototype Supposedly Leaked on Video; Of Course It’s Fake!

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The Internet went crazy about a day ago over a video of the iPhone 7 prototype, apparently snatched right out of a Foxconn plant. It almost seems too good and scripted, so let’s dissect the clip and see what’s wrong with it.

iPhone 7 prototype fake video 1

For starters, there’s no Home button and then the main camera placement is odd, since it’s now centered. Then, it lacks a flash and the edge to edge bezel-free approach doesn’t quite feel like Apple. And then the case looks off, because it opts for a shiny metallic material. It also seems like the source is trying too hard to appear from Foxconn.

iphone 7 prototype fake video 2

We’ve got the white gloves typical for a plant worker, some guy “catching” the leakster and yelling “hey”, only to reveal a bit of the Foxconn logo during the shout, that kind of stuff. Also, the general format of the phone feels more like a Huawei and less like Apple. What do you think?

iphone 7 prototype fake video 3

iPhone 7 prototype fake video 4

[via Phone Arena and Nowhereelse.fr]

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