iPhone 7s Concept Features iOS Desk Mode, Inductive Charging

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The iPhone 7 is not even being delivered to buyers yet and there’s already a concept of the iPhone 7s ready. You can check it out below, courtesy of designer Jesper Olivier, from Netherlands. This iPhone 7s is supposed to come with features that are lacking from the current model, like wireless charging and a desk mode of sorts.


This model is a bit thicker compared to the iPhone 7, but also more robust and… “honest” apparently. This time we get a 12 megapixel camera centered at the back, with a flush lens, OIS and Quad LED True Tone flash, as well as a stereo microphone. There are 2 FaceTime HD cameras in the mix and FaceTime 3D is also available, with facial mapping by 3D triangulation, in order to create a new level of security.


The battery becomes 25% larger than the iPhone 6s and there’s a new version of the Apple A10 CPU, which is two times faster. Inductive charging is here, with Qi support, although Apple feels like the kind of company to create its own standard. New Apple AirPods are included in the concept, with improved ergonomics, wireless support and robust design. Their black color choice makes them look more elegant too.

You can connect the iPhone 7s with a TV set or monitor using HDMI and also to the Apple TV and turn it into a Mac replacement of sorts, with iOS Desk Mode. Quite impressive and worthy of the “7s” moniker.







[via Behance]

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