iPhone 8 Concept by Viktor Hammarberg is See Through and Scrollable

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The iPhone 8 may be quite a while away, maybe even 2018 material and it may not even exist if Apple decides to change the naming pattern. Anyway, concepts are still allowed to exist and this iPhone 8 render created by Viktor Hammarberg looks pretty solid.


The smartphone has a scroll bar and a sensitive touchscreen and clickable button. You can click and swipe up to unlock the iPhone, scroll through anything and you can swipe back and forth to slide through horizontal content. The device has interesting color versions, like the green mint one, or the lighter shade of pink next to it.


We’ve got a very small camera hole in the mix, maybe too small for its own good. The new model uses the camera to constantly film your surroundings at low res and blurs it out to create the illusion that the iPhone is see through. Battery life won’t be affected. iOS 11 goes even more minimalistic, compared to iOS 7. The Home Page has been refined to optimize the experience and also make it simpler.

You can seamlessly scroll and up down between pages, thanks to the brand new scroll bar. So, see through, scrollable and minimalistic. Nice, right?





[via Behance]

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