iPhone 8 Concept is Already a Thing, Comes With a Virtual Home Button

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I was complaining not so long ago that many designers are creating iPhone 7 concepts ahead of the iPhone 6s ones, but what about the iPhone 8? We’re obviously going to see such a device some day, right? Well, iPhone8look.com has envisioned the phone already and it looks nothing like you imagined.

iPhone 8 concept 1

At the current rate of development, with the iPhone 7 coming in 2016 and the 7s in 2017, the iPhone 8 will arrive in 2018. About that time, Apple will have figured out that Quad HD is the way to go and they’ll probably reach 2 or 3 GB of RAM. They’ll go to 20 megapixel cameras, probably a new type of flash and certainly a retina or iris scanner.

All of these are my speculations are not reflected in the concept phone you see here. The render shows a metallic handset, with a curved glass front and a virtual Home button. The device is slim and narrow and probably passes the 5 inch diagonal. I’m betting it has a strong front camera and an USB Type C port, as well as what seems to be a pretty small back speaker…

iPhone 8 concept 2

iphone 8 concept 3

[via iphone8look.com]

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