iPhone 8 Edge Gets an “Official Trailer” and a 2017 Concept, Has Curved Screen (Video)

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Everyone is convinced that next year Apple will move on to a curved glass panel for its new iPhone, perhaps even releasing an “Edge” model. Designers are ahead of everyone else, envisioning this device in the trailer below. TechDesigns present today the iPhone 8 Edge.


This concept iPhone 8 was done in cooperation with AppleiDesigner and brings us a curved screen smartphone, in the usual two flavours: 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch (I can’t understand why the designer also felt the need to include a 5 inch and 5.8 inch screen version). This time both models get dual cameras at the back and the glass is in abundance here. We’ve got glass at the front, at the sides and curved all the way towards the slim metal frame.


I can’t seem to spot any Home button, so it’s most likely included within the panel, or below it. LG has already developed a panel of this kind. The designer didn’t mention any specs for the iPhone 8 Edge, but I’m pretty sure we’re in for a resolution upgrade, an atypical aspect ratio, a powerful Apple A11 CPU and the best sensors on the market that stop you from pressing the screen by mistake, on its curved edges.

And Apple will still surprise us…



[via TechDesigns]

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