iPhone 8 Rendered in Curvy Fashion

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We’ve just received a new iPhone concept from Rishi Ramesh, that seems to implement curves into the usual chassis. This model is called the iPhone 8 and feels like a more rounded iPhone 6S basically. You can also notice the removal of the audio jack.

iPhone 8 concept rishi ramesh 1

The functionality of the audio jack is now taken over by the Lightning port, it seems. Specs include 3 GB of RAM, a 20 megapixel camera, up to 128 GB of internal storage and the price of this unit will be at around $1200. Interestingly the source link provided seems to show totally different designs compared to what we showed you here.

iPhone 8 concept rishi ramesh 2

The design seen here also feels very familiar, so we may have seen it before, under a different name, brand or concept. I feel that this iPhone 8 concept has the “HTC 10 problem”: it feels like a regular phone with a slim case applied, that makes edges thicker. I also believe that the new Lightning port and speaker holes are too small.

iPhone 8 concept rishi ramesh 3

[via iphone8guides.com]

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