iPhone 8 Rendered by Steel Drake: Excellent Design! (Part 2)

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Remember the beautiful iPhone 8 concept made by Steel Drake? Well, we’re back with part 2 and even more renders and this time we also envisioned some specs for you. Since this is the iPhone 8, it’s probably 2016 material, or even 2017.

iPhone 8 concept 10

It may bring a 3D display with 2K resolution and a 12 or 16 megapixel back camera. The battery may finally go up from 2000 mAh and the diagonal is probably 5 inches by this point. Inside I expect an Apple A9 or A9X processor with a 14 or 10 nm manufacturing process by then. I guess the storage may go up to 256 GB and the minimum version would be a 32 GB one. Those metal edges may hold surprises and I envision them including hidden projectors, that allow you to use them as touch areas for games.

The back may also be a touchpad, by the way. Other than that it’s hard to imagine what Apple will come up with, but I’m sure about one thing: they’ll certainly work on the structure of their iPhones in order to avoid another bendgate. That probably explains why the iPhone 8 concept is so bulky…

iPhone 8 concept 8

iPhone 8 concept 9

iPhone 8 concept 11

iPhone 8 concept 12

iPhone 8 concept 13

iPhone 8 concept 14

iPhone 8 concept 15

[via Behance]

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  • this phone could come just handy for me I struggle to get going on my computer wish I can have one it wood do excellent work like that phone

  • Hadi

    I´d clearly recommend it to be fully out of metal upside ^^

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  • Leigh Ellis

    Yes! love those corners, it gives it some character, I’m getting a little bored with the unibody design, I feel like the S6 Edge+ looks better than the iPhone and this would bring it back!