iPhone L by ADR Studio is an Elegant Step Forward

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We’re very familiar with the work of ADR Studio and their beautiful iPhones, so we were glad to hear they created a new concept. This is the iPhone L, that they call “a large step beyond”. This one is a 4.7 inch iPhone with a very slim bezel and improved TouchID tech.

iPhone L ADR concept 1

ADR Studio include iSight 3D capture, LTE wireless support and a brand new Apple A8 processor with 64 bit architecture. The volume buttons have been seriously modified, being tiny squares now and being more separated than before. The iPhone L concept runs iOS 8, with over 100 new functions and more gestures available.

iPhone L ADR concept 2

The device is shaped like a teardrop with a thicker upper area and slimmer lower area and it comes in 3 different finishes, including gold. It’s pretty clear to me that Apple will increase the diagonal size of the iPhone this year, but will they change the shape of buttons? It remains to be seen. This is a very fine looking concept, that doesn’t stray away from the last iPhone, but it modifies in just the right areas.

[via ADR Studio]

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