The New iPhone From ADR Studio… Oh My God!

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Wow… just wow! Just when you think you’ve seen everything here comes ADR Studio and delivers The New iPhone. Their 2012 vision of the iPhone 5 is simply stunning and incredibly original when it comes to form factor, especially the back side. And another thing: this device is SIM-free, an idea that Apple has been exploring for a while now.

The New iPhone can get the data directly through the mobile network and supports 4G LTE without requiring a SIM card. This device uses a new audio section, with two panel speakers, as shown by the pics here. There’s also an aluminum unibody design in the mix and the controls are now placed on the top and the edge… and boy is this a thin smartphone or what? And we’re just getting started! The handset comes with 3 Retina Displays, or better said 3 strips of screens, with one at the top showing all the info and notifications, one at the bottom for the App dock, multitasking and others and the main one, the central piece that serves as desktop space.

The Home buttnm is now integrated into the bottom display and it becomes active thanks to a motion sensor. ADR Studio also mentions a LED powered edge, that can be used to show the battery life of the New iPhone 2012 or a favourite caller. I guess that this iPhone concept runs iOS 6.0 and the overall display is certainly bigger than 4.2 inches, so it’s maybe 4.6 inches, as rumored recently. The camera at the back is maybe a 12 or 8 megapixel unit and the CPU inside has got to be a quad core unit… Beautiful, just beautiful!

[via ADR Studio / Wallpapers made by Alessandra Cammarano]