iPhone Air is an Ultrathin Slab of Metal With Full Edge to Edge Display

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The MacBook Air revolutionized the market of laptops and notebooks and the iPhone Air could do that with the handset designs, especially if it’s very, very thin. Imagined by Laurence Meehan, this concept shows us exactly what made Apple famous in the smartphone world.

iPhone air concept new

It’s a thin slab of metal and glass that immediately catches your eyes and changes the game. The diagonal still seems kind of small and the lack of bezels means you’re going to constantly have your hands on the screen directly. Also, with that amount of glass and metal, the iPhone Air may tend to feel slippery.

It’s still a great achievement in design, at least in theory. Edge to edge screens have been claimed to be the future for a while now, but we’ve yet to see a popular smartphone with such a display, I mean a real one, not Motorola’s attempts. And by edge to edge we usually do not mean cutting the upper and lower edges… What do you make of this iPhone concept?

[via Deviantart]

  • Casao

    This is stupid. People already complain that the iPhone 5 is too thin, imagine with this one. Also, edge to edge display is not practical at all. Well, just my opinion.

  • Chris

    The concept doesn’t have a front or rear camera. Not too many iPhone users will give up cameras for a thinner design. Pretty concept, but will sacrifice too many features to get a phone so slim.