iPhone Flip Foldable Phone is Back, With a Clamshell Design

We’re on a hot streak of either Apple render leaks or concept and today we have for you the iPhone Flip. What’s sure is that Apple is developing an inwardly folding smartphone with a clamshell design and the leaks and patents have inspired a render created by Technizo Concept for Letsgodigital. Let’s check it out.

Sources say that this device could drop in 2022 at the earliest. Apple seems to lean more towards a clamshell, rather than a smartphone that expands diagonal into a tablet, either in or out folding. It’ll be closer to Motorola RAZR rather than the Galaxy Z Flip. Based on all these rumors, graphic designer Technizo Concept came up with a set of 3D renders of the new iPhone Flip, in collaboration with Letsgodigital.

The aim is to make the crease of the screen invisible, if possible and that’s a pretty tall order. I mean, it’s definitely visible when the device is bent at 90 degrees, but when it’s flat we may lose it. The hinge is very discrete and there’s not one millimeter of protrusion on the sides or back. We also get a small secondary screen next to the square camera module, used to show notifications and the camera viewfinder when we’re taking selfies. The flat metal frame is here to stay, complete with what appears to be a side placed fingerprint scanner.

The red version looks gorgeous and it will definitely be a hit with the ladies. Also, Apple’s iPhone Flip feels a bit more petite than the Moto RAZR 5G and Galaxy Z Flip, if I’m being honest. Sources say that Apple has been doing tests with Foxconn, with an open and close ratio of 100.000 times. The Z Flip Ultra Thing Glass was actually tested for 200k bends. Knowing Apple we way we do, we expect a $2000 price for this foldable. The biggest challenge would be making the bezels small and implementing a screen protection.

via Letsgodigital

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