iPhone Pi Concept is a… Big Circle

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Sadly, I’m sure this round iPhone concept will get mostly negative feedback, simply because it’s unusual. The creation of Chike Newman, from London, the iPhone Pi is an original device, because it totally strays away from the rectangular handset designs of the modern age.

iphone pi concept 1

The iPhone Pi does keep the physical Home button and looks like a big stopwatch of sorts. The icons are placed to the sides with the main area of the screen being free. The music player interface in the lockscreen actually looks kind of hot, but I’m not sure how well the device will sit in the pocket or in the hand.

iphone pi concept 2

The handset has a back camera and I’m really curious how you can actually hold the device to take pics with it. I’m sure that the resolution is big here, at Retina levels. I could see some uses for a round iPhone: a sort of magnifying glass, a variety of cases and accessories to make it round again, a way to make it a touchpad on a slate or notebook.

iphone pi concept 3

[via Behance]

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  • Avery M

    Oh hey! Its the Dragon Radar!

  • truthy

    I’ve been a huge fan of circular phone concepts for a while now. Not a big iOS fan… But the idea is cool.

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  • 1stkorean

    Can anybody say “Microsoft Ken”

  • Creepdafancy

    Why didn’t you moderate my comments?

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  • boris

    Mr Newman that is brilliant , but as a fellow inventor ,you know two heads are better than one , i also have a round android design in draft , lets brainstorm our ideas and see if combined we can agree on whats best, its gonna happen ! Beam Me Up Scottie!!

  • Lily

    That is cool, i want one

  • lol

    we don’t like it becouse is in english and the phone is stupid,very stupid.