iPhone SE 2 Goes To the Dark Side In New Concept

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We’re used to seeing iPhone SE 2 concepts in all the colorful shades possible, but this time we’ve spotted some darker hues. The latest iPhone SE 2 renders from Kiarash Kia come in these colors, as shown below.

The phone is shown here in black, white, dark blue, light blue and a shade of purple. The designer mentions a Retina Dolby Vision screen on board, a 5.8 inch OLED panel with True Tone support and HD resolution. There’s also an Apple A12 bionic CPU inside, which sounds like a bigger compromise than the rumored Apple A13 from iPhone 11, plus 3 GB of RAM. At the back we find the dual camera from the iPhone XS, with two 12 MP sensors and upfront a 7 MP shooter.

There’s also 4K recording supported here, for the main camera, but the front one only does Full HD. iPhone SE 2 packs a 2800 mAh battery and seems to adopt a rather predictable design, with a rectangular “slab” format and a square back camera. I love the idea of a more discretely colored back and a white Apple logo, a small throwback of sorts to the iMac G3 age. I also see that the notch has become smaller this time around, almost unnoticed I’d say.

The back seems to be covered in plastic, but it may well be mate glass of sorts. Have we arrived in the time of maturity and a more sober design, with more elegant colors? I guess that canary yellow and emerald green don’t cut it anymore.

via Kiarash Kia

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