iPhone SE 2021 Concept Gets Dual Camera, Glossy Body

The latest rumors coming from Apple’s camp are saying that we should expect a new iPhone SE in March. That’s when new iPads may pop up as well. While some are expecting an iPhone SE 3, others are discussing a larger iPhone SE Plus. Well, today we’re ready to show you a concept for a so called iPhone SE 2021, courtesy of 4RMD.

Also known as the iPhone SE 3, the device packs a small 5.3 inch LCD display, but still larger than the iPhone SE and SE 2020. It’s slightly smaller than the iPhone 12 Mini, by the way and it also gets a dual back camera. The battery life is bumped up to 2500 mAh and we also get 4 GB of RAM. There’s Touch ID AND Face ID, for some reason, so yes, there’s still a notch. We also get a 12 MP main camera and 12 MP ultrawide camera. Inside we find the Apple A14 Bionic, the CPU of the iPhone 12 series.

Available in gold, red, black and other glossy hues, the device has some interestingly highlighted back cameras. They feel like cross sections of the pipes where Super Mario is dwelling and popping foes. For some reason the LED flash integration feels a bit off here. Bezels feel a bit curvier than the flat ones on the iPhone 12 series. 4RMD, the designer also gives us a Home button with Touch ID, although I’d rather have it in the Power button on the side. The device is also IP68 certified for water dunking up to 2 meters.

A price would be lovely here and it’s below $400, the device may stand a chance. Otherwise, it’s basically a slightly tweaked iPhone 12 Mini. I’m guessing we get glass at the back, not plastic, so materials are premium.

via 4RMD

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