iPhone SE 2022 Gives the Home Button New Lease on Life

It’s been two years since the last iPhone SE came out and here we are again with rumors and leaks about the iPhone SE 3. Luckily we also have some talented designers like Concept Creator (Jermaine Smit), who turns this info into legit renders. The result is called the iPhone SE 2022, a cheap 5G phone that hangs on to the old Home button.

Some leaks said that the button would be gone, replaced with Face ID and a sensor in a notch, or maybe with a top side Power button with Touch ID, inspired by the iPad Air. iPhone SE 3, iPhone SE 2022, however you want to call it, is rendered here for Letsgodigital with a slim body, curved sides, not those flat edges of the iPhone 4, 12 and 13. It also gets a glass back side and a single back camera.

The CPU is the very fast Apple A15 Bionic from the iPhone 13 series and 5G support is also a novelty for the device. If you remember, Apple started offering 5G on phones ever since iPhone 12, so after the iPhone SE 2020 debuted. In 2022 this iPhone is more important, on account of the fact that we won’t have an iPhone 14 Mini according to rumors. The iPhone SE 3 will be the only small iPhone this year with a petite 4.7 inch Retina Display and hopefully a higher res. I sure hope that the battery goes past 2000 mAh, since the SE 2020 was a disaster in terms of battery life.

A suggested retail price thrown around by the source is 490 euros. Do people still want a small iPhone in 2022?

via Letsgodigital

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