iPhone Stand Concept Features a Transparent Touchscreen, Projector

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Mac Funamizu is back and this is no April’s Fools, since he has created a very neat iPhone stand concept, that incorporates a touchscreen, speaker and projector. The iPhone can be docked at the top and the stand can be tilted to the side, allowing the photos, songs and video files to spread around just like water flow, coming out of a fountain.


These images will disappear in a couple of seconds, but if you touch them, they’ll be played (audio and video) and viewed (image). The incredible part will be revealed now: once the round dish surrounding the stand is full of images, they’ll be “spilled” on the surrounding area, thanks to the incorporated projector.

Afterwards, you’ll manipulate the files are you please, but now displayed as larger thumbnails. There’s also a full screen mode and if you ask me, this great concept idea slaps Microsoft’s Surface with a trout. Great work Mac!






Source: Mac Funamizu via Yanko Design