iPhone Watch Concept: iWatch is Pure Fun

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Back to the ilounge’s iPhone concept competition, we discover Alvin Chau’s iWatch, the iPhone watch concept. This great-looking device fits your wrist perfectly and it features 4 application buttons, a touchscreen and a click wheel.


There’s also a camera on board and even CoverFlow is supported… one way or the other. The phone feature is triggered thanks to a Bluetooth headset and the iPod feature requires Bluetooth earphones. Apps from the iTunes AppStore are also supported and all syncing is done wirelessly. Simply great!

[via ilounge]

  • I was thinking to myself today… “Wouldn’t it be great not to have to pull my phone out of my pocket to see who is calling or to read a new text without looking suspicious at work?”.

    Of course someone has already thought of it, but why has it not been produced?

  • Olga Lait

    I think the consept is very good.
    I would be quite interested in getting one
    Only if bugs are out price is right.
    I’am always looking at my watch.
    To watch a movie maybe not could be a bit
    Hard on the eyes I’am sure.
    Something u have thought of .
    But let’s give it a go I’am sure we will warm
    Up to another device . Mrs O Lait