iPhone X Fold is Probably the Best Foldable Phone Yet (Video)

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Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X kickstarted a race that will bring us into an era of REAL foldable phones. These are still drawbacks and it’s still all pretty much a niche, but as time passes, the foldables will become the new normal. Apple is said to be getting in the game in 2020, but till then we have the Antonio De Rosa design for the iPhone X Fold.

It’s here, complete with a trailer from ConceptsiPhone below and even some shots of Tim Cook on stage showcasing it. The device feels a bit like two iPhones glued together, but also with an atypical format. When closed, the device is asymmetrical, with a rounded corner at the top right and bottom right side and a straight angle to the left.

Stainless steel seems the way to go for the frame and I can’t see any trace of notch here. The back camera is shaped like the one speculated for the iPhone XI, in the shape of a square, with 3 sensors in the mix. The iPhone X Fold has a pretty discrete hinge and it’s promoted and advertised as having a tent mode. Even more, so the prism shape packaging offers it in the format.

I see that there’s a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen and specs include 6.6 inch Super Retina screen on one side, in smartphone mode and an 8.3 inch Super Retina AMOLED screen in tablet mode. These are AMOLED panels and the resolution is 2960 x 2880 pixels for the big one. At the back side sits a triple camera with a 12 MP wide sensors, 12 MP telephoto one and a 16 MP ultra wide cam. The device does 3X optical zoom and has both Face ID and Touch ID.

Seeing how this is pure Apple innovation and new tech, it’s very likely it’ll cost over $2000 or even $3000.

[via Behance]

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