iPhone XI Gets a New Triple Camera, This time With Ring Flash Around It

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We’ve seen two or three versions of the iPhone XI already, each of them with a different camera design. Now we get one more, courtesy of AppleiDesigner, who posted his work on Twitter. Let’s check it out.

This new iPhone has a triple camera, of course, but this time around the LED flash is available as a ring around the camera. It’s not below the cameras, above them, or between them. The last iterations showed a square camera module with 3 cameras in a triangle and the flash in the same setup. Then we had the uglier version with a triple horizontal camera and the flash as a ring around the center cam.

The AppleiDesigner version actually makes more sense, staying true to the Apple design from the past few years. However, achieving a ring flash like that is no small task, so it’s going to be hard to pull off. The device’s actual design is dubbed the “iconic boxy design”, that we’ve come to know for years now. It also sports a smaller notch and the rear camera now seems to belong here, albeit a big protruding.

Those sides make me think of the iPhone 5s and SE a bit.

[via AppleiDesigner]

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