iPod Case for Apple Watch Series 4 is a Wonderful Throwback

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Since it’s Thursday, it’s time for a bit of a throwback, this time towards the iPod days. And what best way to do that, but with a design concept? Joyce Kang came up with a special case that turns the Apple Watch Series 4 into a legit iPod. Let’s check it out.

First of all, you remove the strap from the watch and then you just place the body in the case. It seems to have an upper half that’s made of softer silicone, while the bottom may be tougher. In spite of being inserted there, the watch still allows you to use its physical buttons. You can even keep accessing its pulse sensor and EKG, so there’s probably a bit cutout at the back, too.

The new iPod has a lanyard and offers full access to the device’s screen. I also suppose it adds extra battery and storage, since the Apple Watch is far from offering as much storage as the best iPods did. I also see a scroll wheel, which probably would make some users uncomfortable nowadays, since people have forgotten that control paradigm. Still, this is what a modular phone company would call a jacket and it’s actually a pretty good idea.

It has everything going for it: extra battery, extra storage, a resilient case around the watch, a badass UI which also works for media playback. The only thing that Steve Jobs wouldn’t like is how bulky this product is.

[via Behance]

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