Macintosh Phone Concept Imagined by Pierre Cerveau

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There are people willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars or even more for a classic Macintosh, so why not spend an extra buck for a vintage looking device like the one below? Dubbed the Macintosh Phone, this handset was created by Pierre Cerveau with the Macintosh computer in mind.

Macintosh phone concept 1

Everything that reminds us of the era is here, complete with a rotary dial, the same texture, material and color of the OG Macintosh and even the logo. In order to make everything even more realistic, the storage is as little as possible, 512 Kb in this case. The phone is rather bulky, has two speakers at the top of the back and apparently you can flick to dial a number.

Macintosh phone concept 2

I have a feeling that Jony Ive would smile when he’d see this concept Apple phone, but then say “NO” and that’s it… If anything, the device is too thin, considering all the technical gear that would have gone inside at the time of the Mac. What do you say? Vintage or not?

Macintosh phone concept 3

Macintosh phone concept 4

[via Yanko Design]

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