New iPhone SE 2 Concept Design Combines iPhone 5 and iPhone 11

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I’ve seen my share of iPhone SE 2 concepts, some even dating from a few years ago. The general perception right now is that the handset will adopt the design of an iPhone 8 and the specs of an iPhone 11. However, ConceptsiPhone has a different proposition: an iPhone SE 2 with an iPhone 5 design.

Basically we get a more angular, squared iPhone 11, with less bezel and a more compact body. I’ve heard it before that Apple was ready to bring back an angular design inspired by iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. I see that the audio jack is back and the back camera is totally identical to the iPhone 11. I see that there’s no bothersome notch here (well, there’s a slight hint of one at the top of the front) and the selfie camera has been cut in the screen, or at least so it seems at first sight.

I see the round volume buttons are back and the device is very narrow compared to other iPhones out there. I’m not sure Apple is the type of company to go back to an older design. They’re more about futurism rather than clinging to the past. But with Jony Ive gone, all bets are off, right? Bringing back such a metallic approach would surely be interesting.

This video was made by Hubert Jarechowicz exclusively for ConceptsiPhone.

via ConceptsiPhone

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