Sixth Generation iPhone Liquidmetal Concept Looks Straight Out of a Terminator Movie

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With the recent rumors concerning a possible use of LiquidMetal for the next iPhone, designer Antoine Brieux decided to create a concept based on that idea. Thus, he came up with the iPhone 5 LiquidMetal device, that he’ll show us later on. For now we only have this teaser, of the beautiful frame that the iPhone 5 will be based on.

As far as I know Liquidmetal is an alloy used by Apple to make those tiny sharp keys that allow you to pull out the SIM tray on the iPhones. The advantages of this material are high tensile strength, great corrosion resistance and anti wearing ability. In spite of the name, this is by no means a liquid metal… It’s also a pretty new material, being introduced for commercial use in 2003 and being used on golf clubs, watches and cellphone covers. The main advantage is the high strength to weight ratio, so maybe the next iPhone will finally be able not to crack and die when it’s dropped on the floor.

Antoine’s iPhone 5 frame concept looks fantastic and I really can’t wait to see the whole thing. I imagine it’s a shiny piece of work and there’s plenty or room for a big camera sensor in there, so maybe the cam has been updated too. We’ll see…

[via NAK Studio]