Asus Net Fusion, the Graphic Design Tablet to Beat the iPad?

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We’ve recently come across some pretty interesting tablet designs, among which there’s the Asus Net Fusion, created by Juan Manuel Bustos. This is a device that combines the features of a laptop with those of a tablet and netbook. Destined to reach the hands of students and graphic design professionals this product gets detailed below  (click to enlarge).


The Asus tablet measures 13mm in thickness, it comes with 2 speakers, shortcuts shown on screen and a very interesting and original virtual QWERTY keyboard. There’s also a virtual mouse wheel shown on screen and the specs of the Asus Net Fusion include 2 USB ports, WiFi, LAN, 3G, a webcam and Windows operating system (hopefully Win 7).

The device also seems to support navigational features, as shown in one of the images below. Asus Net Fusion uses a stylus for interaction and drawing, so it’ll probably be loved by design professional. We consider this the perfect alternative to a Wacom tablet. What do you say?






[via Coroflot]