Asus Net Fusion, the Graphic Design Tablet to Beat the iPad?

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We’ve recently come across some pretty interesting tablet designs, among which there’s the Asus Net Fusion, created by Juan Manuel Bustos. This is a device that combines the features of a laptop with those of a tablet and netbook. Destined to reach the hands of students and graphic design professionals this product gets detailed below¬† (click to enlarge).


The Asus tablet measures 13mm in thickness, it comes with 2 speakers, shortcuts shown on screen and a very interesting and original virtual QWERTY keyboard. There’s also a virtual mouse wheel shown on screen and the specs of the Asus Net Fusion include 2 USB ports, WiFi, LAN, 3G, a webcam and Windows operating system (hopefully Win 7).

The device also seems to support navigational features, as shown in one of the images below. Asus Net Fusion uses a stylus for interaction and drawing, so it’ll probably be loved by design professional. We consider this the perfect alternative to a Wacom tablet. What do you say?






[via Coroflot]


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