ASUS ROG Phone 2.0 Gets a Teaser Already (Video)

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The ASUS ROG Phone is not even on sale yet and there’s already talk of an ASUS ROG Phone 2.0. Well, that device just got teased by Concept Creator and it feels familiar, but at the same time badass.

Why familiar? Because the sliding part feels a bit like the one from the Oppo Find X, but instead of sliding cameras, it slides a speaker system of sorts. The handset has a big sort of jagged Power button on the side, a huge one. There’s a dual back camera in the mix and ROG Aura lighting integrated within the back side of the handset.

I’m not sure how the sliding mechanism works and if it reveals any other components. I feel that the handset is a bit slimmer and more elegant than the ASUS ROG Phone generation 1. If there’s one thing to fix, it could be the look of the back side of the ROG Phone 1. It feels a bit too much like a door from the starship Enterprise. We have yet to see the full back side and also the full front side.

I can’t quite spot shoulder buttons here for gaming and I would love for Concept Creator to also create some gaming accessories. Maybe the ASUS ROG Phone 2.0 will end up cheaper than the expensive OG. Can’t wait to see the final result, since this is just a teaser.

[via Concept Creator]

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