Google Nexus 10 Tablet and a Teaser for Android Key Lime Pie!

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Bob Freking has posted numerous creations on Concept Phones, but this time it’s a tablet he’s imagined, based on recent rumors. As you know already, Google announced last week the Nexus 7 tablet and Bob thinks that the number 7 in its name is an indication that a Nexus 10 is coming. Recent rumors also said that a 10 inch Google Nexus tablet is in the making. Could it look like this?

This is still an Android Jelly Bean device, with a 10 inch 1080p display, an 8 megapixel camera and 3G/4G versions. It doesn’t have an SD card slot and it will sport a price of $299 or so. There’s also a teaser for Key Lime Pie at the end of the article, in case that’s what the next Android will be called. Also, Bob Freking imagined a curvy and new Nexus handset, with white buttons as design elements used for notification lights. The Nexus 10 tablet will also be made by ASUS, as for the new Nexus phone, for some reason I’m thinking about HTC.

The designer also had an interesting theory, saying that in November, when Android celebrates its birthday it could actually relaunch a G1 redesign version for collectors. So, which one of these ideas do you like the most and why?

[Thanks Bob Freking!]