Cookies are basically small text files that are placed on your device, be it phone, tablet or computer by websites that you access, including ours. They are used to make websites work or better said work more efficiently. They help a website remember the information about your visit, like the preferred language and other setings. Google has more details here.

We take privacy seriously and will never disclose your information to third parties. Submission of personal information is not required in order to browse our website. Complying with the European Union legislation, our website will store some information about your preferences, regarding how the site operates via a file stored on your device, called “cookie”.

You can delete cookies on your device or set your browser to prevent them. We use cookies to:

– remember your display preferences
– trigger usability features for an improved experience
– identify you as returning user
– provide analytics data for our analysis of the website stats and solutions like Google Analytics to interpret

We use advertising partner cookies to optimize the delivery of ads, so that you won’t find ads shown to you unrelated to the content you’re browsing, as we try to keep everything more relevant. You can opt out of the whole cookie experience, if you desire, by not accepting our terms and perfoming the needed setup to your browser, in order to not accept cookies.

Privacy Policy details are available HERE.