2012 BlackBerry Concept Features a Wraparound Display

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The folks of Crackberry.com started an interesting collection of BlackBerry concepts and the first one that impressed them was the one created by John Anastasiadis. Meet the 2012 BlackBerry concept with a wraparound display and asymmetrical design, that looks stunning. I tell you, the iPhone 4S and Nokia N9 don’t have anything on this beauty…

The designer of this device is both a BlackBerry fan and industrial design passionate with an MBA, so he put his skills to good work. As I said, this BlackBerry design includes a wrap around display, that incorporates the soft keys on the underside for gaming, navigation and other purposes. Being an asymmetrical device, this unit lets you know which side is the best to hold without looking at the phone. There’s a hard button incorporated, one that’s used to lock the screen, take pictures and more.

An interesting aspect is the artificial intelligence on this model, that predicts the user’s intention for a command. I can see that Chrome is also on board, as well as Facebook and a multitasking system that reminds me of QNX OS. The front and back cameras are hidden behind the display, that will also serve as the flash by illuminating. How cool is that? This has got to be the best BlackBerry design I’ve seen in years…

[via Crackberry]

  • Axel

    I’m Blackberry fun, and i’m telling you, I like this Design and It’ will be the best and make back blackberry good reputation. when this is suppose to be in market, I hope soon.


    I would like to purchase this comcept phone….
    Kindly update me regarding its launch and price

  • Kevin

    I need this phone Asap. This will but Blackberry back on top! I need a release date and price please.

  • Esosa peter

    I need this phone as soon as possible and i want to know the prize in us dollars $. please reply.

  • TerryFlannigan

    THis is a great design I wonder how durable the screens are? and what happens if it is dropped, a replacement screen wont be an ebay job it will become a new phone through insurance… great design, iron out the fragile factor and im sure the phone will be a huge success..

  • Chris

    Terry, they could always use Gorilla Glass. That’s what they’re going to be rolling out on the new iPhones (5, I guess is what they’ll be calling it.) Only challenge I see is in the form of the device. Can the Gorilla Glass be molded and shaped to contour it and keep it from shattering if broken? If so, at least in terms of the device, it’s a real game changer. If RIM rolls out a stronger App EcoSystem this gives BB a chance to re-emerge as a player.

  • tyler

    sweeet !!!!

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  • Kaushik

    If BB wants to survive and become a market leader once again, it should start rolling out this device asap. This is a stunner. BB should remember- Early bird gets the worm. Wake up and act.

  • DaOne

    This Blackberry is sick. I need this phone ASAP. This designer has some serious skills.

  • minely

    i need to know when this blackberry phone is coming out and how much it is…. it looks so hotttt

  • adi


  • Worldraves

    I love the wrap around look , Maybe someone can final add a custom light show. while the phone rings. to find your phone in the dark. or while talking .just for those users who want to stand out even more.

  • michael

    this phone is awsome
    how much will it cost,is it going to be released.