AMOI N86 High End 3G Uses a Dual Touchscreen

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The idea of a phone that incorporates both a large touchscreen and a smaller notification screen is not new, but it’s certainly welcome. The device you can see below is the AMOI N86, created by Ryan Ma. This 3G handset packs a main screen with a 3.5 inch diagonal and 320 x 480 resolution, while the smaller screen measures 132 x 32 pixels in resolution.

This device has the advantage of saving power, as it will display texts or missed calls on the smaller screen, instead of lighting up the big one. Ryan Ma’s concept looks like an “S” from the side and the inspiration for the design came from the BMW Gina concept, also shown below.

Notice the impressive chin of the ANOI N86, making us think that this would make an excellent HTC smartphone. The OS on the concept doesn’t look familiar, but it could be Android with some tweaks. Great idea!

[Thanks Ryan Ma]