Android KitKat Quick Settings Concept Looks Interesting

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The entire Google Android OS is headed towards a card-based interface, apparently and following the trend is designer Marte Ledesma. The creator of the Photoshop render below pictured a Quick Settings area.

android kitkat quick settings concept

This one makes the UI look more Google card-like and the shortcuts are now split over the whole screen area, not entirely focused at the top or divided into squares. The Google+ profile gets the most important room here and the Settings shortcut is now big and clear, not tiny and annoying like on the LG G2.

Nice to see the various WiFi connections listed with an easily accessible approach, but it’s a bit eerie to see the battery indicator on the side of the screen opposed to the one it shows regularly. My only question is where the notifications would go in this setup…

[via Marte Ledesma]

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