AVA Mobile Phone Uses a Roll Out Display, Nano Technology

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If you’ve been missing innovation from our website, we give you the AVA Mobile Phone concept, created by Donnie Mamanov. This great handset relies on next-gen nano technology and packs a roll out dual display, that reminds us of an older PSP 2 flexible design. AVA Mobile measures 160mm x 60mm x 7mm, with the last measurement being the thickness.

The concept phone uses two screens for all sorts of tasks, including an extra 100mm x 90mm roll out display, plus sensor-based buttons. As you can see, this is a glossy handset, with a metallic finish, that gives it a stylish look. We’re wondering if the roll out screen is not too fragile and we also have to mention the presence of a Bluetooth touchpad, that completes the gadget’s features.

What do you think about this original piece of work?

[via Tuvie]