Bibliofile Electronic Book Reader Concept Uses Page-Turning Gestures for Power

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If you didn’t quite dig the Microsoft Courier tablet/reader, you can feast your eyes on this nifty concept, the Bibliofile Electronic book reader, created by Nadeem Haidary. This E-book reader uses page-turning gestures, incorporates an e-paper display and fun activities like word games and a dictionary, that will make reading more fun.


Page flipping is not a simple mean of reading and viewing content, but also a way of charging the device and receiving cognitive, mechanical and digital feedback. As you can see, the device has a margin that can be flipped up to go to the next page or down to turn to the previous page.

This gesture-powered device combines materials like leather, cast cork bases and more. There’s also a stylus in the mix and the concept uses a piezoelectric element, plus a diode bridge, a color e-paper display and capacitive touchscreen. Finger interaction is also supported.






[via Yanko Design]