BlackBerry Glide is a Brand New QWERTY Slider Concept With Curved Screen Sides

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Back at MWC 2015, BlackBerry quickly flashed a prototype of a phone with curved screen edges and sliding QWERTY keyboard. This model is not yet ready and it’s rumored to come this fall. In the meantime designers have started creating concepts inspired by it.

BlackBerry Glide slider concept 1

Created by Dylan Habkirk, the device shown below is called BlackBerry Glider and the renders are based on blurry leaks, apparently. Interestingly, the curved screen edges look as sexy as those of the Galaxy S6 Edge and the bottom and top edges are also pretty narrow. We’ve got a soft touch back and a relatively narrow device overall. Even specs were included, such as a dual edge Quad HD LCD display and a 35 key slide out keyboard.

The keys are backlight and the keyboard also has a touch feature, like the keyboard of the BlackBerry Passport. There’s a 16 megapixel back camera with LED flash, dual stereo speakers at the bottom and a 3650 mAh non removable battery inside. BlackBerry Glider may look nice, but we’ve yet to see what the side curved screen parts can do…

BlackBerry Glide slider concept 2

BlackBerry Glide slider concept 3

BlackBerry Glide slider concept 4

[via Crackberry]

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