BlackBerry Rado Sintra is an Elegant Smartphone With Swiss Watch Making Technology

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Created by Andrew Zhilin, the author of the great BlackBerry L rotary phone, this new device shown below is a very elegant business phone. It combines BlackBerry technology and Rado tech. I wasn’t familiar with this brand, then I found out they make very elegant watches in Switzerland.

BlackBerry Rado Sintra concept 1

This luxurious BlackBerry smartphone has discrete metallic buttons and a segmented body. It uses top notch materials, like signature scratch resistant Rado Hi-Tech ceramic, titanium alloy and sapphire crystal coating. The handset runs BlackBerry 10.3 and it has what’s called a Phantom Keyboard, with keyboard symbols that appear only when the phone is awake and fade out when not in use.

BlackBerry Rado Sintra concept 2

The keys on the Rado Sintra phone are made of Corning Gorilla glass 4 with symbols treated underneath. Oleophobic coating makes sure that grease and smudges won’t be an issue. Just like the Vertu phones, this model comes with 24 hour worldwide assistance, through a special Concierge service. A cool extra feature is the “gull wings” design approach, that hides the microUSB port and SIM card slot in a seamless way.

Finally, dual speakers are included into the device’s body and operate with Hi Res audio. I’d choose this model over a Vertu any day!

BlackBerry Rado Sintra concept 3

BlackBerry Rado Sintra concept 4

BlackBerry Rado Sintra concept 5

BlackBerry Rado Sintra concept 6

BlackBerry Rado Sintra concept 7

[via Behance]

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