Crescent Reverb Phone Render Features a 20 Megapixel Back Camera

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Here’s an interesting idea: the one of a concept phone with a 20 megapixel camera and lots of storage. This sounds like a good replacement for a DSLR and the design is nothing short of amazing. I’m talking about the Crescent Reverb phone render, done by Jonathan De Jesus and pictured below. Notice the beautiful chrome body and the ultraslim profile.

This model has a power button/toggle button at the top left hand corner, features a quad core processor, 120GB of internal memory, a display at the back, too and a main scratch resistant screen. Android Gingerbread is the OS chosen here, but android 4.0 is also an option and apparently you can switch between the two from the start screen. Everything else is based on wireless technology, from phone charging (via dock) to Bose Audio headphones used to listen to music, Bluetooth accessories and more.

When I see such a thin phone, that’s probably around 5mm or so in thickness, I’m worry it might break, as it seems so fragile… I wonder if that chromed body is able to take enough pressure to make the Crescent Reverb a device that’s usable daily, even when pulled out of the pocket fast.

[Thanks Jonathan]