David Turpin Shows Us New Velocity Mobile Design

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We have shown you superb concept phones created by David Turpin previously, most of them relying on Windows Mobile and some even on the full versions of Microsoft’s OS. Now, it’s time to check out the following images showing the latest designs created by David for Velocity Mobile.


We notice the designer’s passion for full touchscreens, sleek looks and virtual QWERTY keyboards, that are certainly the future of the mobile industry. Can’t really tell if these are Windows Mobile smartphones or not, but their interface surely looks like something that HTC would like to create.

No specs for these concepts, but we’ll leave the imagination to bundle them all into a list.



[Thanks David]

  • Anonymous

    I think David Turpin has some really great ideas and I would certainly buy that handset with the red highlights or probably the orange one with the slide out keypad. I agree that virtual keyboards on phones are the future and that plain and simple ideas are the way forward as well.

  • andris0116

    I like the clocks:)

  • Bob

    Super phones – I hope smartphones start looking lil catchy ;-). One question thouhg: Is this the same VELOCITY MOBILE from UK ? I tried http://www.velocitymobile.com which was functional throughout Y2008 but now its not showing. What does this mean ? Is VM still operational ?