Dell Splinter is a Tablet With Two Detachable Units

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If you ever felt too burdened when carrying a laptop, cellphone and camera, the solution may come through a device like the Dell Splinter. This is an innovative tablet design, created by Chris Corrigan and Groups and it comes with two detachable units, with the smaller one being pictured below.

This smaller unit can be configured to be any type of device, ranging from calculator, MP3 player and even a Skype phone. The bigger unit can serve as a laptop with quick boot functionality and it’s compatible with third party software and hardware, to the delight of may types of users. You can detach the secondary tinier device any time you want and even remotely control the bigger one.

Two touch sensitive touch surfaces are placed at the top of the device, that’s very ergonomic. Is it me or does the tablet also look very rugged?

[via Designbuzz]