Dot Phone Concept, Another Brilliant Design by Cyrene Quiamco

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We’ve found a breath of fresh air on the Product Design Forums, as Cyrene Quiamco stunned us with her original phone designs. After seeing the great Kard Phone, we have a look at the Dot concept phone, that combines a handsfree and a handset into a single device.


Cyrene calls Dot a hybrid between an ear device and a cellphone, that is able to project its virtual screen on the user’s hands, paper, a wall etc. The projected image will be touch sensitive, so I guess that the device incorporates some motion sensors, right?

There’s also a camera on board and we learn that Dot Phone comes with a bendable hook that allows you to attach it to things, like your purse strap, your belt or around your fingers, as a ring. I have to say that I’m impressed by the huge resolution projected by this phone and the fact that it seems to be running… Windows Vista?! Make it happen, people!




[via Product Design Forums]


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