Dreyfuss Landline Phone Looks Stylish as Hell

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I felt the need for a breath of fresh air, after so many 2018 flagship concepts, so I decided to find something truly unusual. Lo and behold, here comes the Dreyfuss Landline Phone, that looks very stylish. It’s a retro futuristic machine, that has been envisioned by Uji Terkuma.

It combines the classic format of a telephone with a minimalistic modern form and material. This is actually a tribute to Henry Dreyfuss, as the name shows. He was a 20th century industrial designer, that focused a lot on locomotives, vacuum cleaners, clocks and cameras, all of them with advanced, metallic designs.

In the renders here you can also see the classic Dreyfuss phone, which by the way everyone now perceives as the standard telephone design. This time we get a shell of that design, much slimmer, but also more stylish. The rotary dial is still here, but it’s actually a touchscreen and digital display in circular format. I guess that the Home button there also has a fingerprint scanner of sorts. The way the wire at the back is connected is stylish and discrete, truly a good idea. The open body lets you hide the wiring pretty nicely and also makes the device more resilient to drops let’s say.

And how about the actual receiver It looks like something taken from the ’60s or ’70s in a sci fi movie, or maybe a Hollywood producer’s house. I recommend you check out the full concept in the source link, as it also includes a chord dock concept, a very nifty idea.

[via Yanko Design and Uji Terkuma]

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