Essential Phone XL Renders Finalized by Hasan Kaymak: Selfie Camera Hides Itself in Display (Video)

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Hasan Kaymak recently teased a new concept phone, the Essential Phone XL, which is now shown in the finalized version. Actually there are two phones here, the Essential Phone X and Essential Phone XL. Let’s check them out.

First thing I noticed is that the back has a bitonal approach like the Pixel models and the front hosts a selfie camera cut in the glass panel. At the back there’s a pretty big triple camera with a horizontal setup. Essential Phone X is a 6.2 incher with a vertical triple back camera and it also has some pins at the back for some modular accessory connections.

The Essential Phone XL is clearly bigger, at around 6.5 or even 6.7 inches. The bezels are being kept to a minimum and from what I gather the front camera can be completely hidden and the hole becomes invisible, as part of the whole screen. Not sure what the physics and engineering behind this is, but I feel it could be done.

Would be nice to also see some modular accessories, but I guess a beefy extra battery and a camera could make the cut. Not sure if the back side Pixel vibes will be liked by everyone.

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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