Flex Smartwatch is Designed to Wrap Around the Wrist, Features a Camera With 10x Optical Zoom

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We’ve seen cameraphones, but have we really seen camerawatches up until now? One such model is the Flex Smartwatch, shown below and featuring 10x optical zoom. The device has a flexible display and it has been imagined by Hamed Sarfaraz.


This gadget has 75% of its body made of a flexible material and it’s able to wrap around the wrist. The rest of 25% is the camera with that kickass zoom. When the camera and display are unplugged, they can be used on their own, apparently, with the larger screen being used to play media, while the smaller one for notifications and such.


The camera can be used totally remotely and it can receive commands from a distance. Flexible batteries are included here, coated with elastic packaging insulator. Three flexible LED lights are also included, one at the top and all around the device and two inside the tube. More is explained within the diagrams below.




[via Yanko Design]

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