Flexiphone Handset Charges Itself in 30 Seconds

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Imagine a phone that can charge itself in 30 seconds… forget all the high end specs and just think about the quick recharging. Simply great, right? This is the Flexiphone, created by Philip Pearce, a handset that’s both elegant and useful.

Flexiphone uses an organic battery to achieve the great reload time and the concept also involves NEC technology for high speed charging. This device also uses an unbreakable graphene touchscreen and its body is waterproof, making the concept even more appealing. The phone will be compatible with a speaker and keyboard attachment that can slide off the handset’s rear.

As far as the OS on this thingie is concerned, it’s hard to tell, since the Flexiphone uses Internet Explorer, an iPod app and Gmail, so it could be Android, Windows Phone 7 or iOS.

[via dvice]