Infinite Book Concept, Paper Turns to Digital Media

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The way we’re going now, all newspapers and books are going to die out, in favour of the digital media. Also part of this trend is the new Infinite Book concept, created by designer Ewald Neuhofer, linking the digital and analog worlds.


This device will mimic a book or newspaper, allowing the user to flip its digital pages and you should know that it packs a touchscreen display and interface. Infinite Book supports… “infinite folding”, in order for the user to carry the device more easily.

With E-books such as these, we’ll be saving more trees every year, making paper obsolete, but keeping the feeling of folding pages and maybe even playing a sound of pieces of paper rubbing against each other. Maybe there will also be a tiny ink squirter to get out hands dirty with warm newspaper ink, for nostalgia’s sake?





[via The Design Blog]