Kard Phone Concept, a Handset for Pokemon Card Collectors

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I bet that most of you collected cards at some point, either baseball cards, Pokemon cards, or the Sailor Moons ones. Why not expand this passion to mobile phones? Cyrene Quiamco created a beautiful concept phone based on cards, the Kard phone, relying on the idea of a Swiss army knife.


The Kard Phone uses electronic cards to exchange information, it packs a card reader and a touchscreen. Cards are made from various materials and some can even be flexible and expand the functionality of the phone. For example, one card will exchange phone numbers between you and another user, while others will share movies, TV shows, music and software.

There are also hardware cards, that packs solar panels, USB flash drives and even credit cards supported on the Kard Phone. This is a great idea and I can already envision the huge key chain with all of the cards on it, ready to be inserted in your phone. Great work Cyrene!




[via Product Design Forums]