Love Connection Mobile Phone Concept Has a Feminine and Masculine Side

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Created by Joongho Choi, the Love Connection mobile phone concept is a device inspired by the Yin and Yang energies. These stand for the feminine and masculine side of all things and their relationship of co-existence. Basically, the device is made out of two pieces, that work perfectly together and are connected via a cord.


This handset comes with an MP3 player, a camera, phone features and some entertaining functions. The two pieces of the concept can make out a video display and show the touchscreen interface of the handset. If you split them up, know that one of them will serve as an MP3 player, while the other will keep the phone features.

The cord between these components is retractable and you can connect the device to earphones, if the built-in speakers aren’t enough for you. A very interesting concept phone, with a very sensual idea behind it.





[via Yanko Design]