Minimalistic Blue Facebook Phone Has an Instagram Button

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Created by Tolga Tuncer, the blue Facebook Phone shown below is much longer than it is wide, something that users of today’s large phones won’t appreciate. Just look at the Galaxy Note and HTC Titan for example and you’ll see huge width. And now meet a brand new Facebook concept phone:

The Blue Experience phone has an Instagram button and comes with a blue saturated aluminum casing (17.5 x 5.5 cm). It’s designed in as a wedge and the display is easy to view even when the handset is flat on the table. The display size and aspect ratio are optimized for the new Facebook core app OS. This social networking hub is all about communicating and sharing information and content.

At the top of the Facebook Phone we have an incoming message notification area and a button that allows access to the messaging center directly. There’s also an internal speaker output in here, audio jack and big old Like button at the front, like some sort of Home button. At the back there’s a camera with LED flash and Spotify is also integrated into this experience with a dedicated button on the left side. I think that this model is a bit too long to use… What do you think?

[via Yanko Design]