Mobile Script Concept Portable Device is a Phone and a Laptop (Updated)

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Flexible touch displays are fashionable now, as shown by the Mobile Script concept phone pictured below. This phone/laptop packs a small front touch display, plus a larger screen on the inside of the handset. The latter can be pulled out and become an even larger display, turning the device into some sort of mini laptop.

LATER EDIT:  As pointed out by one of our commenters, we have written about this device before, over here. Yes, we’re human and we do forget…


A virtual QWERTY keyboard will be displayed and I’m pretty sure that the web browsing experience will be neat. Saying that the larger display is a flexible screen is a lucky guess, but it seems very likely, considering the current design trends.

Also, keep in mind that the Mobile Script concept device uses a nano material, covering it and turning solar energy into “juice” that powers the phone.




[via Design Launches]