Mozilla Seabird Concept Smartphone Uses Projectors, Overdose of Coolness (Video)

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Mozilla Labs have recently spawned a new definition of coolness, thanks to a new concept phone dubbed Seabird. Initially created by Billy May, the handset was later developed with the aid of the community gathered around his project on the Mozilla Labs website. The result is the stunning device pictured below:

There’s also a video at the end of the article, that totally blew our mind. It shows the Seabird and its features, that include an 8MP camera, dual pico projectors, a 960 x 600 pixel screen, wireless charging and an embedded Bluetooth dongle. Said dongle is also a headset with haptic clicking support and usable as some sort of remote for the device.

You can place the Mozilla Seabird concept phone onto its dock and use the handset’s projectors to visualize both a huge diagonal screen and a virtual keyboard. Also, the device can created an IR touchpad area near it, allowing you to input text and commands through that. This is simply amazing stuff, specially with all that gesture control and 3D manipulation interface… We’re speechless. How about you?


[via IntoMobile]